Land-Use & Density

Ugly Karachi

KARACHI is becoming an increasingly anarchic, ugly and divided city — but is loved and glorified by its comparatively well-to-do citizens, public intellectuals and those in search of an identity. Loving Karachi is understandable but...

Karachi – The Land Issue

This book deals with the history, evolution, and present day realities around who owns land, its legal and illegal acquisition, land-use conversions and development

The Impact of Globalisation and Regional Conflict on the Loom Units in Dibba Colony, Karachi

1. Reason for the Study The textile industry is considered to be the backbone of Pakistan’s economy1. Much of its weaving sector looms operate informally out of low income settlements. This informal loom sector has...

Value Extraction from Land and Real Estate in Karachi

Introduction: This paper does not theorise nor does it challenge any theory of gentrification. It seeks to show how land-use changes and extracting value from real estate takes place in Karachi, a global south mega...

Land Ownership, Control and Contestation in Karachi: Maps

Related Maps for the report on Land Ownership, Control and Contestation in Karachi and Implications for Low-income Housing

Land Ownership, Control and Contestation in Karachi and Implications for Low-income Housing

Issues in Control and Ownership Karachi is a megacity with a population of about 18 million. Preliminary analyses of Pakistan’s 2011 census suggest that it is the fastest growing city in the world. Megacities are...

The Replanning of Saiban City, Lahore

Download this Report: The Replanning of Saiban City, Lahore [PDF, 4.8 MB]

Karachi Violence

1. Background In the month of August, I interviewed 14 persons belonging to the violence affected areas of Karachi to get their views on the situation in their neighbourhoods and their perceptions for the reasons...

How People House themselves Today

1. Background Previously people either squatted or lived in informal settlements. The government regularised these settlements, evicted them and/or relocated them. Today most NGO and CBO work is around preventing evictions, making relocations more humane...

Karachi Density Study

More information on the Karachi Density Study can be found on Download the compiled report here: IIED Density Study: 04 Cases of Housing in Karachi [PDF, 10.9MB]

Sustainable Building Design: The larger Issues

1. Thank You for inviting me to speak on this very important subject. The papers that follow will deal with various aspects of sustainable building design. 2.  I have not prepared a paper as yet....

Bangkok Visit Regarding ACHR Density Study

22 December 2009: (Tuesday) 0745 hours:     Arrived in Bangkok from Karachi. 1400 hours:     Meetings at ACHR office with Somsook, Maurice, Density Research Team consisting of Lee, Mark, Ae, Senam and Kate Discussions on objectives of...

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