Street Economy

This is a preliminary compilation of the work done on the street economy of Karachi, as commissioned by the World Bank. The compilation consists of the following:

1. A summary of the significant issues and findings related to important aspects of the street economy which can, if elaborated help in the formulation of policy, or for promoting an absence of it.

2. Chapter 3.1. consists of the findings regarding the scale and manner of functioning of the street economy of District South. This has been put together by Professor Dr. Noman Ahmed.

3. Chapter 3.2. consists of the causes and repercussions of the anti-encroachment drive promoted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and carried out by the KMC Mayor. This study has been put together by Architect Arif Hasan, Hamza Arif, and Architect Nurjehan Mawaz-Khan.

4. Chapter 3.3. consists of the investigations carried out in District South by Engineer Mansoor Raza and his team.

5. In addition to these three chapters, there is a list of the 123 people interviewed by the 3 groups, their interview transcripts, relevant maps and photographs of different locations in District South attached as Appendices 1 – 4 and submitted along with this report.

Download [A Scoping Study of Karachi District South (PDF)] [Presentation (Powerpoint)]

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