The Search for Shelter


The Search for Shelter: The Search for Shelter sheds light on the global population living in slums, which has increased from 1 billion in 2014 to 1.6 billion in 2018. It looks at the impact...

Karachi’s Public Transport


Karachi’s Public Transport Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan has a major transport crisis. This book describes the pre-Independence situation and subsequent initiatives while analysing the political, social, technical, and financial reasons for their failures...

Karachi – The Land Issue


This book deals with the history, evolution, and present day realities around who owns land, its legal and illegal acquisition, land-use conversions and development

From Micro-finance to the Building of Local Institutions

The Evolution of Micro-credit Programme of the OPP's Orangi Charitable Trust, Karachi, Pakistan

The Origins and Evolution of the Micro-credit Programme of the OPP’s Orangi Charitable Trust, Karachi, Pakistan The Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) was established by the renowned Pakistani social scientist Akhtar Hameed Khan in the informal settlement of Orangi,...

Shirakati Taraqqi


This book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to read the blurb.

Participatory Development


The Story of the Orangi Pilot Project-Research and Training Institute and the Urban Resource Centre, Karachi, Pakistan This book describes Karachi-based projects which have used a successful model of participatory development. It consists of three parts. Part one...

Hijrat Aur Pakistan Mein Chhotay Sheher


The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view details of the book. Find this book on Amazon.

Bay Zabta Inquilab


The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the book.

Karachi Mansooba Saazi aur Taraqiati Mutabadilat


The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image of the blurb:

The Unplanned Revolution: Observations on the Processes of Socio-Economic Change in Pakistan


This book identifies past socio-economic conditions in the different ecological regions of Pakistan as viewed by the communities the author has worked or interacted with, present conditions, and emerging trends. It also identifies the actors...

Migration and Small Towns in Pakistan


The book describes the political, geographical, and ecological contexts within which migrations to and from Pakistan have taken place. These include migrations from India because of the establishment of the canal colonies, partition and the...

Planning and Development Options for Karachi

Arif Hasan’s research work and analysis on human settlements and urban and rural development is contained in a number of books authored by him and in papers in international academic journals. Much of this work...

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