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M. A. Jinnah Road (Part II)

1996 – Arif Hasan Initiated and supervised the photographic documentation of M. A. Jinnah Road. This was done to record Karachi’s built heritage which was being threatened by the elevated light-rail project through this historic artery of the city.

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  • Community Mapping

    09 February, 2021

    Whenever Karachi floods the government announces the widening of its nalas that carry the floodwater to the sea. The decision of the extent of widening is taken in an ad hoc manner. As a result...

  • The Truth Behind the Façade

    01 February, 2021

    Every day in the print and electronic media there is news about the terrible physical, social, and municipal governance issues of Karachi and how they affect lives of ordinary citizens. These conditions are blamed on...


    03 January, 2021

    Fruit vendors and other hawkers at a bazaar in Karachi | Courtesy the writer This article draws upon the work I have done at different times with Architects Asiya Sadiq Polack and Christophe Polack, Dr...

  • The Marginalized

    08 September, 2020

    The nalas of Karachi have lost their water carrying capacity because of markets, administrative and related buildings and car parks of the Sindh Government, road infrastructure, and elite colonies, and katchi abadis have been built...

  • Why Karachi Floods

    06 September, 2020

    Governments are quick to blame devastating floods on climate change. But many of the reasons for these floods are to do with what governments have not done. Here, Arif Hasan reviews the many reasons why...

  • The Density Debate

    17 May, 2020

    AMONG professionals, a debate on post-corona-related planning, especially on density issues, has begun. They are out to create a new and more humane world. I would like to vulgarise this debate by injecting an element...

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