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M. A. Jinnah Road (Part II)

1996 – Arif Hasan Initiated and supervised the photographic documentation of M. A. Jinnah Road. This was done to record Karachi’s built heritage which was being threatened by the elevated light-rail project through this historic artery of the city.

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  • Videos

    20 September, 2019

    TEDxLahore – Arif Hasan – Building Better Cities In Conversation with Pakistani Urban Planner, Author and Activist Arif Hasan Arif Hasan discusses a new film about urban density issues in Karachi. In short with Arif...

  • Collection of IIED Studies

    20 September, 2019

    Bangkok’s Low Income Settlements Cause and Repercussions of the Housing Crisis in Karachi Crises & Reform of The Informal Textile Industry In Karachi Drivers of Climate Change Vulnerability at Different Scales in Karachi Editorial MDGs...

  • The Future of Karachi’s “PUBLIC” Spaces

    08 September, 2019

    Public space’ has recently become a buzzword in the world of urban planning. The term has also filtered into Pakistan although there have been individuals and organisations who have worked, against great odds, on the...

  • The Future Of Karachi’s Saddar

    06 January, 2019

    For the past 30 years, the future of Empress Market and hence of Karachi’s Saddar has been a subject of debate among architects, planners, administrators and politicians. Some have proposed that the building should be...

  • City & Plans

    10 December, 2018

    THE recent demolitions of formal and informal businesses in Karachi have raised some important questions. What is a city? What are encroachments? What is culture and heritage and law? The city is where people live,...

  • Houses Or Housing?

    03 October, 2018

    The seriousness of the housing issue in Pakistan can be judged from the fact that conservative estimates put the housing backlog at 9 million units which is increasing at 300,000 units annually because of unmet...

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