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M. A. Jinnah Road (Part II)

1996 – Arif Hasan Initiated and supervised the photographic documentation of M. A. Jinnah Road. This was done to record Karachi’s built heritage which was being threatened by the elevated light-rail project through this historic artery of the city.

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  • Land Ownership, Control and Contestation in Karachi and Implications for Low-income Housing

    27 March, 2013

    Issues in Control and Ownership Karachi is a megacity with a population of about 18 million. Preliminary analyses of Pakistan’s 2011 census suggest that it is the fastest growing city in the world. Megacities are...

  • The Causes of Land Contestation in Karachi

    05 February, 2014

    Introduction Pakistan is a federation of four provinces. Sindh is the south-eastern province and Karachi is its capital. According to pre-census results conducted in 2013, it is fastest growing city in the world. (Cox; 2012)...

  • Karachi: The Transport Crisis

    08 January, 2015

    Background: If the 2011 pre-census house count for Karachi is to be believed, then Karachi is the fastest growing mega city in the world both in percentage and figure terms. Its population has increased by...

  • Between the People and the Polis

    25 November, 2014

    South Asia’s Mega-cities and the Urban Future. Well, first of all, Kanak, Himal and the India International Centre, thank you so much for having arranged this and having invited me. Delhi is special to me....

  • Whither Karachi?

    03 October, 2014

    Karachi is a rich city. It feeds, houses, provides water, electricity, transport and health and education facilities (however inadequate) to over 20 million people. It also provides support through remittances to an even larger population....

  • The Impact of Globalisation and Regional Conflict on the Loom Units in Dibba Colony, Karachi

    07 July, 2014

    1. Reason for the Study The textile industry is considered to be the backbone of Pakistan’s economy1. Much of its weaving sector looms operate informally out of low income settlements. This informal loom sector has...

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