Why This Website

Because of an increasing number of requests for information received by Arif Hasan and the impossibility of responding to all of them, Engineer Mansoor Raza suggested that an Arif Hasan archival website that can be continuously added to, should be created. The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) UK, accepted the idea and agreed to finance the website and the research and documentation required for it.

Architect Durreshahwar Alvi was made in-charge of the website project. She has selected and categorised the articles, reports, seminar papers and books that form part of the site. She has coordinated this work with Architect Natasha Zubair who has made a selection of Arif Hasan’s architectural and planning projects and photographs of Karachi and the different areas of Pakistan where Arif Hasan has worked. Sabahat Muhammad has designed the website and Zainab and Mansoor Raza have been advisors in the site design and selection process.