Ugly Karachi

KARACHI is becoming an increasingly anarchic, ugly and divided city — but is loved and glorified by its comparatively well-to-do citizens, public intellectuals and those in search of an identity. Loving Karachi is understandable but...

Impacts of Economic Crises and Reform on the Informal Textile Industry in Karachi

To date, no empirical research has examined the local impacts of economic crises and reform on cities in Pakistan, including Karachi. This study addresses this gap by examining how the textile industry – as one...

Urban Land Management Study: The Informal Sector

Download the full report: Urban Land Management Study: The Informal Sector [PDF, 4.4 MB]

Poorer than Before

Since 1970 I have been involved with development related issues, both at the national and international level. This involvement has been in land, housing, physical and social infrastructure and research into the dynamics of urban...

Sustainable Building Design: The larger Issues

1. Thank You for inviting me to speak on this very important subject. The papers that follow will deal with various aspects of sustainable building design. 2.  I have not prepared a paper as yet....

The World Class City Concept

The World Class City Concept and Its Repercussions on Urban Planning for Cities in the South. This file is available for download: The World Class City Concept [PDF, 6.8 MB]

Hijrat Aur Pakistan Mein Chhotay Sheher

The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view details of the book. Find this book on Amazon.

The World Class City Concept and its Repercussions on Urban Planning for Cities in the Asia Pacific Region

(The contents of this paper are drawn from my personal experiences of working or being associated with programmes and projects in a number of Asian cities over the last two and a half decades and...

Karachi Mansooba Saazi aur Taraqiati Mutabadilat

The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image of the blurb:

Migration and Small Towns in Pakistan

The book describes the political, geographical, and ecological contexts within which migrations to and from Pakistan have taken place. These include migrations from India because of the establishment of the canal colonies, partition and the...

Housing Security and Related Issues – The Case of Karachi

Pakistan is a federation of four provinces. Each province has an elected provincial assembly and at the centre there is a national assembly in which every province is represented in proportion to its population. In...

Planning and Development Options for Karachi

Arif Hasan’s research work and analysis on human settlements and urban and rural development is contained in a number of books authored by him and in papers in international academic journals. Much of this work...

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