Ugly Karachi

KARACHI is becoming an increasingly anarchic, ugly and divided city — but is loved and glorified by its comparatively well-to-do citizens, public intellectuals and those in search of an identity. Loving Karachi is understandable but...

Karachi’s Changing Demography and its Planning Related Repercussions

If the 2011 pre-census house count and its analysis for Karachi is to be believed, then Karachi’s population increased from 9.8 million to 21.2 million between 1998 and 2011. This makes Karachi the fastest growing...

The Impending Migration

IF the reported preliminary results of the 2011 Pakistan population census are to be believed, Karachi is the fastest-growing city in the world, followed by Mexico City. Its population increased from 9.8 million in 1998...

Karachi’s Demographic Change and its Social Repercussions

The most important statistics in a population census are related to the social indicators of the age group of between 15 and 24. This is because this age group represents both the present and the...

The Pathans in Karachi

Ever since I was a college student I was fascinated by the analytical methods of sociology. My knowledge never became truly academic. Icould not get a PhD degree and deliver learned lectures. But a limited...

Karachi Density Study

More information on the Karachi Density Study can be found on Download the compiled report here: IIED Density Study: 04 Cases of Housing in Karachi [PDF, 10.9MB]

The Evolution of Karachi

This presentation is available for download: P04 – The Evolution of Karachi [PDF, 6 MB]

Hijrat Aur Pakistan Mein Chhotay Sheher

The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view details of the book. Find this book on Amazon.

Density Study of Low and Lower Income Settlements in Karachi

Excerpt from this presentation: There is a growing trend in Asian cities to demolish low income informal settlements and relocate their residents in six to eight storey apartment blocks. There is sufficient evidence to suggest...

Karachi Mansooba Saazi aur Taraqiati Mutabadilat

The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image of the blurb:

Migration and Small Towns in Pakistan

The book describes the political, geographical, and ecological contexts within which migrations to and from Pakistan have taken place. These include migrations from India because of the establishment of the canal colonies, partition and the...

Migration and Small Towns in Pakistan

Excerpt from this presentation: THE IMPACT OF THE 1947 MIGRATION The socio-economic impact – Break-up caste and community organisations – Social and economic mobility (challo culture) – Ethnic tensions and their political repercussions – Challenging...

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