Northern Areas

Photographs of a Visit to Kashmir

Download this presentation: Photographs of a Visit to Kashmir [PDF, 6.9MB]

Reconstruction of Earthquake Affected Areas

According to the 1998 Housing Census, there were 807,605 housing units in the twelve earthquake effected districts of Azad Kashmir and the NWFP. It is estimated that fifty per cent of this housing stock has...

Northern Areas, Conversations

NORAD Funded Education Programme of the AKDN in the Northern Areas  Selected Parts of Consultancy Field Notes Download the report: Northern Areas, Conversations [PDF, 163 KB]

AKF Self Help School Building Prototype, Northern Areas

The Indigenous Architecture of the Northern Areas

The people of the Northern Areas (NA) are, by and large, farmers. In almost all the areas visited there is no hereditary occupational structure in the villages, except for the Beyricho, who are singers and...

Northern Areas – 1986 (Notes from Arif Hasan’s Diary)

This is my third visit to the Northern Areas. This time after three weeks of travelling the length and breath of it, and speaking to hundreds of people from all walks of life and all...

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