Architecture Then and Now – Some Thoughts

Today the practicing architect has many more clients than just the state and the elite. The state a still there, but is receding. The elite have been replaced by the rich. In addition, there is an expanding corporate sector, developers, NGOs serving the poor, and the poor themselves.


This presentation is available for download: P06 – Housing [PDF, 4.4 MB]

Berlin Impressions: Occidentalism?

15 March 2011: Berlin Tegel Airport: Going back to Karachi after spending 11 days as Kamran’s guest at the Wissenschaftskolleg. It was not my first visit to Berlin but since it was a long one,...

Comments on Syllabi of Courses

1. The comments given below are based on my experience of teaching. In making these comments I have not taken into consideration the constraints, both administrative and faculty related, that are faced by the teachers...

Architectural Theory

A dialogue with Dawood College students and faculty on Architectural Theory. This presentation is available for download: P01 – Architectural Theory [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Teaching the Theory of Architecture

Recently I have been involved in a number of discussions with teachers from architecture schools in Pakistan regarding the teaching of theory. I would like to share a few experiences and ideas. I taught design regularly at...

Convocation Address

Members of the Board of Governors of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, faculty members, ladies, gentlemen and students. First of all I would like to thank the Board of Governors for having...

Architectural Education In A Changing World

1.  The Purpose Of Architectural Education In my opinion the purpose of architectural education is to produce professionals who can help create a physical environment and support structures that promote social harmony, economic betterment, improved health...

Local Agenda 21 And The Asian Context

1.  Preamble This is not a research paper. It draws upon my experience of dealing with urban communities, NGOs, local government and academia in a number of cities in South and South East Asia over...

Technology And Development: What Kibria Has Taught Us

Ghulam Kibria has written at great length on the subject of development and technology. His writings include books, consultancy reports, newspaper articles, technical papers and populist pieces. These are available for any one who wishes...

Ghulam Kibria: TechnoIogy for the Awam

I will not discuss Ghulam Kibria’s book. People more competent than me are going to do it. What I would like to talk about is Ghulam Kibria himself and the background to his single-minded dedication...

A View of Architectural Education

Like many architects of my generation I started to question the conventional role of an architect working in a Third World city. I saw clearly that my work did not deal with any of the issues related to the crisis of the built environment in Karachi or in the other areas of Pakistan where I was working.

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