Land-Use & Density

Density Study of Low and Lower Income Settlements in Karachi

Excerpt from this presentation: There is a growing trend in Asian cities to demolish low income informal settlements and relocate their residents in six to eight storey apartment blocks. There is sufficient evidence to suggest...

Karachi Mansooba Saazi aur Taraqiati Mutabadilat

The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image of the blurb:

Nagarparkar Talluka Planning Project

This Report is available for download in 3 Volumes: 1. TRDP I – Existing Conditions & Future Scenarios [PDF, 494KB] 2. TRDP II – Mapping Existing Conditions [PDF, 20MB] 3. TRDP III – Recommendations and...

Planning and Development Options for Karachi

Arif Hasan’s research work and analysis on human settlements and urban and rural development is contained in a number of books authored by him and in papers in international academic journals. Much of this work...

Land, CBOs and the Karachi Circular Railway

ABSTRACT The Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) was planned in 1962 as a goods service linking fi ve important work areas of the city. Subsequently, it was upgraded for commuter use as well. Pakistan Railways now wish to...

The Proposed Densification of Karachi

From press reports, a number of emails and visits from fellow architects, I gather that the government of Sindh has decided to get the KBCA to revise its building byelaws and zoning regulations to increase...

The Hawkers of Saddar Bazaar

Saddar’s problems can only be solved as part of a larger city planning exercise that deals with the traffic and transport problems of the city in general and Saddar in particular. The hawkers and entertainers...

The Neo-Liberal Urban Development Paradigm and Civil Society Responses in Karachi, Pakistan

Introduction The Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) is an Asia-Pacific Network of professionals, NGOs and community organisations. Its headquarters are in Bangkok. The decision to create the ACHR was taken in 1987 and was...

Enacting Building Codes And Regulations

One of the major issues is the width of the roads which communities consider to be excessive. The reasons given for these widths are that they facilitate fire and health related emergency services. There is a need for a review of these regulations and standards for people have coped rather well with lower standards in slums, sometimes for well over three generations without being adversely affected.

Sindh: State of Environment and Development

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Livelihood Substitution DFID Karachi Research: Lyari Expressway

1.  Background The Northern Bypass was proposed by the Karachi Master Plan 1975 – 85. If the Bypass had been built, all port related traffic which now passes through the city, would have been redirected...

Understanding Karachi: Planning and Reform for the Future

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