Karachi’s Disappearing Troughs

Before the mid-1920s, almost all transport in Karachi was animal-drawn. Bullock, donkey and camel carts were used for carrying cargo and as transportation for the poor, while the rich moved around in their horse-drawn victorias...

Another Time, Another Place

In the first quarter of the eighteenth century, Kharak Bunder was an important port on the Arabian Sea, west of present- day Karachi. Although its exact location is disputed, there is considerable evidence to suggest...

A Pedestrian’s Saddar

On February 3, 1839, the HMS Wellesley bombarded the Fort of Manora. In the space of three hours the western arm of the fort was destroyed, and Karachi was enveloped in a cloud of smoke....

Saddar, Karachi

A Changing Cityscape

In physical terms nothing remains of Karachi’s pre-British past. Yet we know the sites of important eighteenth and early nineteenth century buildings which have now been built over. We can still identify accurately the outlines...

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