Land & Housing


This presentation is available for download: P06 – Housing [PDF, 4.4 MB]

The Replanning of Saiban City, Lahore

Download this Report: The Replanning of Saiban City, Lahore [PDF, 4.8 MB]

Report on ACHR – Kathmandu Visit

1. Programme August 02, 2011: Morning: Lumanti made a presentation of their work and issues. Detail discussions followed. Afternoon: Visited four informal settlements. Had discussions with community members. August 03, 2011: Morning: Meeting with Joint...

Karachi: The Housing Imperative

Thirty six point seven percent of Karachi’s land is currently utilised for residential purposes: 27 percent has been developed formally and 8.1 percent informally. The development process for the rest (which is 1.6 percent) is...

How People House themselves Today

1. Background Previously people either squatted or lived in informal settlements. The government regularised these settlements, evicted them and/or relocated them. Today most NGO and CBO work is around preventing evictions, making relocations more humane...

Bangkok Visit Regarding ACHR Density Study

22 December 2009: (Tuesday) 0745 hours:     Arrived in Bangkok from Karachi. 1400 hours:     Meetings at ACHR office with Somsook, Maurice, Density Research Team consisting of Lee, Mark, Ae, Senam and Kate Discussions on objectives of...

The World Class City Concept

The World Class City Concept and Its Repercussions on Urban Planning for Cities in the South. This file is available for download: The World Class City Concept [PDF, 6.8 MB]

The World Class City Concept and its Repercussions on Urban Planning for Cities in the Asia Pacific Region

(The contents of this paper are drawn from my personal experiences of working or being associated with programmes and projects in a number of Asian cities over the last two and a half decades and...

Density Study of Low and Lower Income Settlements in Karachi

Excerpt from this presentation: There is a growing trend in Asian cities to demolish low income informal settlements and relocate their residents in six to eight storey apartment blocks. There is sufficient evidence to suggest...

Karachi Mansooba Saazi aur Taraqiati Mutabadilat

The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image of the blurb:

AGFE Mission Istanbul

From June 8th to 12 2009, the Advisory Group on Forced Evictions to the Executive Director  of UN-HABITAT carried out a mission to Istanbul Metropolitan Region to address the problem of forced evictions. Reports from...

Land, CBOs and the Karachi Circular Railway

Excerpt from the presentation: The stakeholders in the railway land dispute are the Sindh government, the City (District) Government Karachi (CDGK), the Pakistan Railways, the Railway Employees Union (wanting accommodation on railway land), commercial formal sector ventures on...

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