Land & Housing

The Katchi Abadi Syndrome and the Shelter Sector in Pakistan

In 1984, 31.2 percent of Pakistan’s population lived in urban centres. By 2000 this figure is expected to increase to 40 percent due to an annual population growth rate of 4.4 percent in the urban...

The Sohrab Goth Massacre

The Sohrab Goth Massacre began on the twelfth of December 1987, two days before the Aligarh Colony killings. It was not a massacre of human life. It was a massacre of homes, of economic activity...

The Profits of Doom

“Let us not complicate things. It is really very simple. If you control the poppy fields,Karachi, and the road that links the two you will be so rich that you will control Pakistan,army or no...

Karachi’s Godfathers

If their statements are to be believed, it seems that leaders of public opinion, political parties and ethnic groups all agree that the real cause of Karachi’s recurrent ethnic riots is a lack of civic...

How to Shelter Urban Poor

The dimensions of the urban crisis in Pakistan are well known, and as such need no elaboration. The most important aspect of this crisis is related to the provision of land and shelter for lower...

The Housing Programme of the Orangi Pilot Project: Initial Thinking

Our aim in planning this study was to identify the roles of the various actors in the housing drama in Orangi and their relationship with each other on the one hand, and with materials, technology and culture on the other.

Orangi Housing Primer

Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) plans to carry out a housing programme in Orangi to assist people in the building of houses. In order to do this effectively research was required into the existing state of affairs.

OPP – Community Participation and Modification in Sanitation Technology

The house owners have understood the importance of sanitation and sewerage, not only to safeguard their health from infectious diseases, but to save their valuable houses from water-logging.

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