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Appropriate Building Design for Uch and Other Cities of Southern Punjab

1. Preamble The Conservation and Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) Lahore, was commissioned by the UNDP (Islamabad office) for carrying out a number of activities related to the preparation of Appropriate Building Design for Uch and Other...

Northern Areas, Conversations

NORAD Funded Education Programme of the AKDN in the Northern Areas  Selected Parts of Consultancy Field Notes Download the report: Northern Areas, Conversations [PDF, 163 KB]


Karachi: An aspect of Social Change

During the last decade the nature and type of people who visit the various recreational areas of Karachi like the Manora Beach, Sea View, Hill Park and various locations outside of Karachi such as Kalri...

The Social and Demographic Change in Karachi

Major changes took place in Karachi between 1947 and 1951. Six hundred thousand inhabitants were added to its population; the Hindu population decreased from 51 to 2 per cent while the Muslim population increased to...

Photographs of Bohrapir, Napier Road, Bundar Road and Saddar, Karachi

Note on Mohatta Palace Out-Houses

I have visited Mohatta Palace on two occasions to assess the relationship between the out-houses and the Palace Complex. My views on the subject are given below. The Palace is obviously being restored because it...

A Note on Criteria for Listing Historic Buildings in Karachi and its Relationship to a Larger Conservation Plan

Criteria for the final listing of historic buildings have to be prepared as a part of a larger conservation plan and have to be derived from the research work that is required for the preparation of such a plan. The manner in which the conservation law is applied and the incentives and support mechanisms that go with it, also have to be part of the conservation plan. For the development of such a plan there are a number of activities that are necessary.

Conserving Karachi’s Historic Architecture

Karachi was established in 1729 as a fortified port settlement. Although the city is only 250 years old, there are places of pilgrimage within it that go back to more than 2000 years. Most of...

Buildings of Bundar Road, Karachi

Link With The Past

Design, whether in art, architecture or utilitarian products, is shaped by a variety of factors. These factors are related to politics, sociology, economics, culture, influences from the past, and levels of technology. Contrary to the...

The Changing Face of Karachi

With its chaotic traffic, haphazard planning rampant encroachments, the once elegant and sophisticated heart of Karachi has changed dramatically over the years. Where there were once magnificent sandstone structures, there are now commercial plazas, warehouses...

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