Culture & Heritage

Karachi’s Cinema Culture (1950 – 1980)

Compiled by Nurjehan Mawaz-Khan There was a hugely popular cinema culture in Karachi, especially between the 1950s and the 1980s. Cinemas were to be found in every locality – Saddar, Landhi, Orangi, Korangi, Malir, Mauripur,...

Conservation and Its Four Components

A brief presentation on Conservation. This file is available for download: P02 Conservation and Its Four Components [PDF, 49 KB]

The Future of Nagarparkar

Nagarparkar, one of the four talukas of the Tharparkar District, is exceptional in scenic, historic and cultural terms for a number of reasons. It contains the dramatic Karunjar Hills, which rise to 300 metres. They...

Karachi’s Demographic Change and its Social Repercussions

The most important statistics in a population census are related to the social indicators of the age group of between 15 and 24. This is because this age group represents both the present and the...

A Walk Through Karachi’s Old Town Quarters

A walk through Karachi’s Old Town quarters (established in 1729 as a fortified trading post). Conditions in 2011.

TRDP – Micro-finance Based Village Tourism

Introduction Village based tourism plan of five selected villages in taluka Nagarparkar-study to identify the potential-implementation of the pilot testing in five villages-includes training and Exposures to artisans, entrepreneurs and local communities-microfinance facilities by TRDP...

Karachi Density Study

More information on the Karachi Density Study can be found on Download the compiled report here: IIED Density Study: 04 Cases of Housing in Karachi [PDF, 10.9MB]

Bay Zabta Inquilab

The blurb for this book is in Urdu. Please click on the book.

The Unplanned Revolution: Observations on the Processes of Socio-Economic Change in Pakistan

This book identifies past socio-economic conditions in the different ecological regions of Pakistan as viewed by the communities the author has worked or interacted with, present conditions, and emerging trends. It also identifies the actors...

Nagarparkar Taluka Planning Project Background and Proposals

Between August and October 2008, Arif Hasan and his colleagues from Hasan and Polak (architects and planners) visited Nagarparkar Taluka several times and had discussions with the TRDP, local communities and local government representatives and agencies at various...

Nagarparkar Talluka Planning Project

This Report is available for download in 3 Volumes: 1. TRDP I – Existing Conditions & Future Scenarios [PDF, 494KB] 2. TRDP II – Mapping Existing Conditions [PDF, 20MB] 3. TRDP III – Recommendations and...

Migration and Small Towns in Pakistan

Excerpt from this presentation: THE IMPACT OF THE 1947 MIGRATION The socio-economic impact – Break-up caste and community organisations – Social and economic mobility (challo culture) – Ethnic tensions and their political repercussions – Challenging...

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