Band names & Line-ups collected from Facebook Group: Legendary Musicians of Karachi

Compiled By Nurjehan Mawaz-Khan

Recorded bands from 1960 to 1970:
The Moon-Glows ~ Ronnie Rangel (vocals), Norman D’souza (rhythm), Colin D’souza (saxophone), Dominic Fernandes (drums), Maxi (bass)
The Bugs ~ Farooq Fatah (guitar), Ayaz Fatah (guitar), Afzal Javeri (bass), Jamshed Muzaffar, Amir Ausaf (drums)
Deterioration ~
The Aay Jays ~
The Blue Birds ~
Willie Po & the Boyz ~ Sabby Noronha, Peter Patrick, Macky, Leslie Patrick & Titus Nunes
The Drifters ~ Peter Paul Fernandes, Manuel Fernandes, Ronnie Rangel (Popat Lal), Edward Mendes, Alan Goveas, Alan Alberque (bass) & Dawn Davis (Fernandes)
The Xavier Sisters ~ Cecile, Jennifer, Brenda and Cynthia
The Panthers ~ Norman Braganza (lead and vocals), Fasahat Hussein (sitar, keyboard and tabla), Eric Fernandes (bass) and Ahsan Sajjad (drums and lead vocals) – 1967
The Strollers ~ Stephen Silvera (manager), Noel Roderigues (drums), Lourdes (rhythm guitar), Owen Patrick (bass), Carlyle Rocha (lead guitar)
The Fore Thoughts ~ Aman Ibad (guitar) and Wamiq Saeed (drums)
The Black Pirates ~ Fasahat Syed (organ) and Eric Fernandes (bass), Basheer Balouch (guitar) Jim And The Junks ~ Khalid Fatah (bass), Jamshed Muzaffar(jim) (lead singer), Khalid Nawaz- Shifty (drums), Asif (rhythm), Alam (lead)
Surfers ~ Max Dias (lead), Bunty/Bunzy, Ken (drummer), Jeffrey Besterwich Mods
Silhouettes (from Dacca) ~ Azam, Anjun, Mansoor, Jawed, Ajmal and Richard
Blitz ~ US Embassy Kids
Bloody What’s The Matter ~ Khalid Fatah (bass), Afzal Javeri (lead singer), Asif (rhythm), Nasir (drums), Alam (lead)
Blaze Pereira Band ~ Blaze, Ritchie Alvarez (keyboard), Brenda Murray, Romaldine (vocals), Errol Pereira, Ronnie Dias (guitar) & Ron Pinto (guitar)
The In-Crowd ~ Edgar Saville (keyboard), Norman D’souza (lead/guitar), Sydney D’souza (drums), Ivan Menezes (guitar), Leon Menezes(guitar).
Later, Willy Po, Titus Nunes, Hillary, Donald, Ron.
The Talisman Set ~ Iggy Castelino, Norman D,souza (vocals), Colin, D’souza, Thaddeus Pinto,Martin Fernandes, Charlie D’souza, Popat Lal, Max Dias (lead/rhythm), Freddy Barrel (drums), Nobby Furtado (bass) and Julius Saldhana
The Keynotes ~ Joe D’costa (drums), Malcolm Fernandes (guitar/saxophone/flute/vocals), Ron Pinto , Everad Remedios, Ainsley Highfield, Nobby Furtado, Trevor D’mello, William, Hillary Furtado, Max Dias and Cesca Domingo (vocals/tambourine)
Lotalics ~ Lotia family
The Blue Shadows ~ Ralph Daranjo, Paul Sebastien, Ronnie D’souza, Cajie D’souza and Alfred Hou.
Francisco Group ~ Francis Gonsalves, Thomas D’Souza (piano), Marcelline Gouveia and Roman Francisco (bass).
The Cossacks ~ Paul Rodrigues, Francis D’Costa, Daphne Lobo (vocals), Joe Fernandes and Ritchie D’Souza.
The Saints of Rawalpindi ~ Anjum (guitar) , Alam (drums) , Mike D’Souza (bass), Bobby Nasir (lead).
Captivators ~ Alan Albuquerque (bass), Mario Rebello (drums), Peter Paul Fernandes (lead/vocals), Allan Goveas (keyboard), Dawn Davis (vocals) and Reggie Gomes (saxophone).
Fatah Brothers ~ Khalid Fatah, Ayaz Fatah, Farooq Fatah and Mansur Fatah.
Flintstone ~ (D’Souza brothers) Godwin, Xavier & Roy D’Souza, Tony Misquita (drums) // Edgar, Christine, Xavier, Angela and Anthony.
Butterflies ~ Maryanne Perreira, Alice Paulose, Margaret Andrades and Kevin Miranda.
Rhythm Quintet aka Soares Bros ~ Tony Pinto (lead/vocals) , Alex Soares (keys), Peter Soares (drums/clarinet), John Soares (bass/vocals), Paul Soares (sax/vocals)
The Vibrations (1981) ~ Ian Birch (bass), Clyde Francis (drums), Ricky Cummins (organ), Gerard Vanderlowen (guitar) and Alex Rodrigues (saxophone)
The ’21st Century’ ~ 1971 Tariq Mirza (TEE-M) Zahoor Karamally, Feroze Dada and Ali Asghar on drums
The Samba Rhythm Kings ~ early 40s John D’souza, Alex Rodrigues, Victor, Janu Vaz +4 members
Ivan’s Aces (1969) ~ Nigel Pushong (drums), Jerry Vernem (bass), Alan Derrick (rhythm) and Ivan Bawa (lead singer and guitar).

Women in the 60s and 70s ~ with the Xavier Sisters becoming the first Pakistani all-women band to perform live and on Radio Pakistan. Yvette Fyfe (vocals/guitar), Hilda Perreira (acoustic), Anne Franco (vocals), Cesca Domingo (vocals).
List taken from and added to from the Facebook Group Legendary Musicians of Karachi and the video
by lynettedias on Mar 16, 2011 for LMK.
LMK is dedicated to the legendary musicians and bands that were part of the entertaining and bustling nightlife of Karachi.

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  1. Clarry andrade

    Interesting/// but as usual whether you copied this from FB or Whatsapp vagaira or lmk etc…. Its alll bullshit… Dear Nurjehan m k and Arif h….this is me clarry (clarence andrade)… Please get your facts straight before you dare to go on-line and print rubbish…i once lived in bhaijiwala bldg (saddar karachi)….played with many ladies/gents…. Eg yvette fyfe joe fernandes evu remedios the young ones the familiar faces the phaze II and just before i left (’77) i played with dominic fernandes arthur turner roland tinadad at the sind club (opp metropole hotel)….yes maam/sir i was in karachi once upon a time….it was a beautiful/tolerant era

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