Articles Tagged: feudal system

Note for Members of the Government’s Task Force on Poverty Alleviation

The term poverty alleviation is creating a mindset that increasingly ignores the causes of poverty and seeks only to address their effects. The fact that poverty is the creation of macro and micro level economic and physical planning is ignored.

The Unresolved Conflict

Since 1947, when Pakistan was created, major demographic, social and economic changes have taken place in the country. These changes are so enormous that they can be termed revolutionary. However, they have not been institutionalised...

The MQM Factor

For the first time since the creation of Pakistan, the Urdu-speaking Sindhis, or mohajirs as they are called, have sought to identify themselves with the larger interests of Sind. Their new leadership, born and bred...

The Twilight of the Waderas

Highway robberies; kidnappings; carrying of unlicensed guns in the streets; private armies; an impotent administration; closed universities; non-collection of revenue; failure to maintain canals, drainage channels and roads; migration of middle landlords and capitalists to...

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