The Karachi Context


  • 435,887 (in 1941)
    22,000,000 (in 2011)
  • Karachi contains (1998 figures):
    10% of Pakistan’s total population
    25% of Pakistan’s urban population
  • Major source of information: Television 77% of households


  • Over 84 % of Karachi’s present population consists of migration from India and other parts of Pakistan between 1947 and 2015.
  • Though there is a decline in population growth in percentage terms, there is a substantial increase in numbers. Percentages are deceptive.
  • Karachi is a non-Sindhi speaking capital of a Sindhi speaking province.
  • This is a cause of conflict between the province and the city, especially related to governance issues.
  • Karachi’s involvement in regional conflicts due to its location


  • Karachi’s Pakistan’s only port
  • It contributes 20% of the country’s GDP and 62% of income tax
  • 40% of employment in large scale manufacturing is located in Karachi’s 4,500 formal sector industrial units
  • 75% of the working population is employed in the informal sector in garment, leather, textile, carpet and light engineering works

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