Motorbike Mass Transit

The number of motorbikes on the road of Karachi increased from 450,000 in 1990 to 500,000 in 2004. In 2010, the number of motorbikes was one million. By 2030, the Karachi Transportation and Improvement Project (KTIP) of the CDGK estimates that there will be 3.6 million motorbikes in Karachi. At present, there are 57 motorbikes for every 1,000 persons and in 2030 it is estimated that this figure will be 115. Today, every 11.8 homes out of 100 own a motorbike, many more than one. This figure in 2030 will increase well beyond that of the KTIP estimates.

The increase in the motorbike numbers is visibly causing congestion on the roads, adding to noise and air pollution and fatal accidents. Initial investigation showed that the reason for increase of motorbikes is that they are a cheaper means of travel than public transport, they provide flexibility, and they save time in commuting. However, there are problems for the lower income groups to purchase them and another important factor is that women, who constitute about 25 percent of public transport commuters at present, do not use them for cultural reasons. The number of women commuting is increasing rapidly.

Download the full report here: Motorbike Mass Transit

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