Powerpoint Presentations

The Evolution of Karachi

This presentation is available for download: P04 – The Evolution of Karachi [PDF, 6 MB]

Architectural Theory

A dialogue with Dawood College students and faculty on Architectural Theory. This presentation is available for download: P01 – Architectural Theory [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Density Study of Low and Lower Income Settlements in Karachi

Excerpt from this presentation: There is a growing trend in Asian cities to demolish low income informal settlements and relocate their residents in six to eight storey apartment blocks. There is sufficient evidence to suggest...

Nagarparkar Taluka Planning Project Background and Proposals

Between August and October 2008, Arif Hasan and his colleagues from Hasan and Polak (architects and planners) visited Nagarparkar Taluka several times and had discussions with the TRDP, local communities and local government representatives and agencies at various...

Land, CBOs and the Karachi Circular Railway

Excerpt from the presentation: The stakeholders in the railway land dispute are the Sindh government, the City (District) Government Karachi (CDGK), the Pakistan Railways, the Railway Employees Union (wanting accommodation on railway land), commercial formal sector ventures on...

Migration and Small Towns in Pakistan

Excerpt from this presentation: THE IMPACT OF THE 1947 MIGRATION The socio-economic impact – Break-up caste and community organisations – Social and economic mobility (challo culture) – Ethnic tensions and their political repercussions – Challenging...

Reforms in KW&SB – An Overview For Civil Society

A presentation on the reforms in Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB), by Brig Iftikhar Hyder, Managing Director KW&SB. Click here to download

Small Towns: Governance and Migration

Download this Presentation – Small Towns: Governance and Migration [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Photographs of a Visit to Kashmir

Download this presentation: Photographs of a Visit to Kashmir [PDF, 6.9MB]

Karachi 2025: A City of Dreams

A presentation prepared in collaboration with URC and OPP on the possibilities for Karachi in 2025. This file is available for download: P19_Karachi 2025 – A City of Dreams [PDF, 57 KB]

Housing: Lessons From the Urban Housing Demand-Supply Gap in Pakistan

This presentation draws upon the work of: The Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) and its replications in 176 locations in 11 Pakistan towns The Urban Resource Centre (URC), Karachi OPP/URC research supported by or in collaboration...

History and Trends

Karachi’s Changing Context: A presentation on the impact of Political, Economic and Social trends in Karachi. This presentation is available for download: P05 – History and Trends [PDF, 115 KB]

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