Institutional Development

Understanding Asian Cities

Master Plans and Housing Policies in Karachi Since 1947, the growth in housing needs and the resultant formal sector housing policies and master plans can be divided into six phases. 5.1 Phase 1: 1947-1957 After...

Housing: Lessons From the Urban Housing Demand-Supply Gap in Pakistan

This presentation draws upon the work of: The Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) and its replications in 176 locations in 11 Pakistan towns The Urban Resource Centre (URC), Karachi OPP/URC research supported by or in collaboration...

Report on a Visit to Cambodia for the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), Bangkok

February 06, 2003 Discussions at the UPDF office. The following conclusions emerge:  The UPDF office staff needs to understand the structure of local government, the new devolution plan and what this means for the poor....

Architectural Education In A Changing World

1.  The Purpose Of Architectural Education In my opinion the purpose of architectural education is to produce professionals who can help create a physical environment and support structures that promote social harmony, economic betterment, improved health...

Local Agenda 21 And The Asian Context

1.  Preamble This is not a research paper. It draws upon my experience of dealing with urban communities, NGOs, local government and academia in a number of cities in South and South East Asia over...

Understanding Karachi: Planning and Reform for the Future

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Integrating Recycling and Disposal System for Solid Waste Management in Karachi

It is estimated that the city of Karachi generates 6,000 tonnes of solid waste every day. Of this 600 tonnes of recycleable waste per day is separated at source by housewives, domestic servants, market employees...

Working with Communities

This book documents the work of the Orangi Pilot Project-Research & Training Institute (OPP-RTI) with CBOs and NGOs in replicating its low cost sanitation programme which originated in the lanes and neighbourhood of Orangi in...

Housing for the Poor

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Aurat Foundation’s View on the Proposed National Transport Policy for Pakistan

Aurat Foundation strongly feels that the principles it has set out are important because structural readjustment, world trade tariffs and the repercussions of the development of a global economy are increasing poverty of which Pakistani women and children are the prime victims.

Karachi’s Physical Planning Issues on the Eve of the Millennium

If proper rules, regulations and procedures for regularisation of building and land use violations, commercialisation and non-utilisation fee are developed for the KDA, the major source of corruption and public inconvenient will be removed. Also, if the KDA Director General is given the power to choose his own team and to determine postings and transfers within his organisation, (which he does not have at present) he can be held responsible for the affairs of KDA.

The Work of the Anjuman Samaji Behbood and the Larger Faisalabad Context

In September 1988, Diana Mitlin of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), UK, suggested that I carry out a study on the scaling up of the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP). I informed her...

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