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The Urban Resource Centre, Karachi

The Urban Resource Centre is a Karachi-based NGO founded by teachers, professionals, students, activists and community organizations from lowincome settlements. It was set up in response to the recognition that the planning process for Karachi...

Lyari expressway: Concerns of the URC

SUMMARY Many thousand families live in and along the Lyari River bed which is really a sewage channel except when it rains. The majority of the families within the bed work in garbage collecting and...

The Informal City

This paper will deal with the physical and social changes that have taken place over the past two decades in informal settlements and in the informal provision of services and jobs.

Urban Poverty Alleviation – Policy Orientation

Poverty alleviation is a term and concept that is being used, discussed and applied in a big way in Pakistan for the last couple of years. This term is creating a mindset that increasingly ignores the causes of poverty and seeks only to address their effects.

The Rationale behind the Urban Resource Centre Concept

A lot of information regarding urban conditions and processes is developed by NGOs, CBOs, professional institutions and academia. This information is scattered; it is very different in nature from official information; it does not get publicised and nor is it easily available; and it does not feed into the official planning process or for awareness-raising.

Karachi and the Global Nature of Urban Violence

In 1991, according to official figures, 466 murders were committed in Karachi; there were 802 attempted murders; 421 cases of rioting, many of them against civic agencies; 103 rapes; 140 kidnappings for ransom; 12 of...

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