Articles Tagged: urban crisis

A Decade of Urban Decay

During the 1980s, Pakistan’s urban population increased from 28.3 to 31.2 percent of its total population. Expressed in these terms, the increase does not seem excessive. However, what these figures mean is that in the...

A Generation Comes of Age

Civic strife in Karachi and Hyderabad, Sind’s two largest cities, has escalated in the last two years into what appears to be a major ethnic conflict. The government has responded to the situation by arresting...

Initiatives in Grassroot’s Participation

Over 40 percent of the population in our cities live in substandard housing, in squatter colonies, with no security of tenure. In spite of elaborate studies on this aspect of the problem, by national and international development agencies and experts, and in spite of the evolution and application of new and alternative strategies for development, the problem continues to grow.

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