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The Proposed Densification of Karachi

From press reports, a number of emails and visits from fellow architects, I gather that the government of Sindh has decided to get the KBCA to revise its building byelaws and zoning regulations to increase...

A Development Plan for Karachi

The purpose of a development plan is to create a physical environment and support structures that promote social harmony, economic betterment, and improved health conditions. An understanding of the city and its trends is a...

A Master Plan for The Karachi Circular Railway at Last

Engineering Consultants International (Pvt.) Limited (ECIL) were appointed as consultants by the Government of Sindh last year for the rehabilitation and extension of the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR). Over the past two months they have...

Aurat Foundation’s View on the Proposed National Transport Policy for Pakistan

Aurat Foundation strongly feels that the principles it has set out are important because structural readjustment, world trade tariffs and the repercussions of the development of a global economy are increasing poverty of which Pakistani women and children are the prime victims.

The Informal City

This paper will deal with the physical and social changes that have taken place over the past two decades in informal settlements and in the informal provision of services and jobs.

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