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The Future of Nagarparkar

Nagarparkar, one of the four talukas of the Tharparkar District, is exceptional in scenic, historic and cultural terms for a number of reasons. It contains the dramatic Karunjar Hills, which rise to 300 metres. They...

Integrating Recycling and Disposal System for Solid Waste Management in Karachi

It is estimated that the city of Karachi generates 6,000 tonnes of solid waste every day. Of this 600 tonnes of recycleable waste per day is separated at source by housewives, domestic servants, market employees...

Evaluation of Thar Rural Development Project

1. BACKGROUND  Throughout 1987, Thar, the desert region in the south-eastern part of the Sindh province in Pakistan, was in the news (for Thar’s location see Appendix – 1: Map of Pakistan). It was reported...

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