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The Anti-Poor Bias in Planning and Policy

Regional and national conflicts, ethnic and sectarian killings, and the so-called clash of institutions, has understandably pushed the national development debate into the background. However, development related seminars and workshops are still held and they...

A Case Study of the OPP-RTI : Localising Habitat Agenda Research Project (Draft)

Pakistan is a poor country. According to the UNDP Human Development Report 2002, its Human Development Index (HDI) rank is 138 out of 173 countries. Poverty is also increasing in Pakistan. In 1987-88 it was 17.6 per...

Reporting on ‘Slums’: A Case Study of Karachi, Pakistan

In low income settlements, with the second generation of low income settlement dwellers growing up, the demand for services and for a better level of service is increasing. The old process of lobbying for improvements...

Views on Housing and Physical Planning Section of 9th Five Year Plan

Over 80 per cent of all housing in Pakistan is provided by the informal sector because of the following reasons.

Improving Karachi’s Metropolitan Living Environment through Strengthening Housing Sector Activities – Case Study of Karachi

In the 1980’s Karachi received a large number of refugees from Afghanistan and Iran. There are no definitive figures available but newspaper reports suggest a figure of over 400,000. Most of the Afghans belonged to...

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