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The Lyari Expressway: Citizen’s Concerns and Community Resistance

The Lyari River rises in the foothills of the Kirthar Range. It is a seasonal river and flows only when it rains in its catchment area. Such rains never last for more than ten to...

Lyari Expressway: Citizens Concerns and Community Opposition (Abstract)

The Northern Bypass was proposed by the 1975-85 Karachi Master Plan to create a direct link between the Port and the Super Highway to the north, as a result of which, heavy diesel port related traffic would not have to pass through the city. For a number of reasons, which will be discussed in the paper, the Bypass was not built.

Lyari expressway: Concerns of the URC

SUMMARY Many thousand families live in and along the Lyari River bed which is really a sewage channel except when it rains. The majority of the families within the bed work in garbage collecting and...

Lyari Expressway – The Envionmental Cost of the Lyari Expressway

A proposal to build an elevated expressway over the length of the Lyari river from Mauripur Road to Sohrab Goth was promoted in 1990 by a Karachi NGO. From newspaper reports and seminar presentations one...

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