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Social Housing Construction Company: Concept Note

Karachi requires 80,000 housing units every year for its growing population, backlog and replacement. The formal sector provides no more than 30,000 housing units. The demand-supply gap is met by the creation of katchi abadis on state land, densification of inner city low income areas or remains unmet.

Access To Shelter

Shelter is not just a roof over one’s head. It has to be seen as part of a larger physical and social environment which is referred to by planners as housing which means access to land, physical infrastructure, nearness to places of work or access to comfortable transportation, and social infrastructure.

Urban Poverty Alleviation – Policy Orientation

Poverty alleviation is a term and concept that is being used, discussed and applied in a big way in Pakistan for the last couple of years. This term is creating a mindset that increasingly ignores the causes of poverty and seeks only to address their effects.

Planning for High Density in Low Income Settlements: Introduction to Four Case-Studies from Karachi

In many large Asian cities, planners have begun to clear informal inner-city settlements and replace them with commercial and middle-class neighbourhoods, seeking to project an image of modernity and prosperity to foreign investors. Low-income residents...

The Role of the Informal Sector in Provision of Urban Housing and Facilities

The formal sector in housing in Pakistan caters to less than 20 percent of the housing demand. Seventy two percent of this demand is for low and lower middle income housing. The major reason for...

What is Karachi Really Fighting For?

The fundamental cause of the alienation among Karachi’s lower middle and working class population does not lie simply in the ‘deprivation’ suffered by the mohajirs and the absence of an effective local government for the...

Community Development Groups in the Urban Field in Pakistan

The Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) in Pakistan has so far concentrated its activities on providing assistance to rural development. However, between 1972 and 1981, the urban population of Pakistan has increased from 25 percent of...

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