Articles Tagged: Densification

Social Housing Construction Company: Concept Note

Karachi requires 80,000 housing units every year for its growing population, backlog and replacement. The formal sector provides no more than 30,000 housing units. The demand-supply gap is met by the creation of katchi abadis on state land, densification of inner city low income areas or remains unmet.

Architectural Education In A Changing World

1.  The Purpose Of Architectural Education In my opinion the purpose of architectural education is to produce professionals who can help create a physical environment and support structures that promote social harmony, economic betterment, improved health...

Illegality and The Built Environment in Karachi

(Illegality has been put in parenthesis in the title and the text, because laws are strange things. Thousands of people were convicted under built environment related apartheid laws in South Africa and Israeli law and...

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