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A Note on Criteria for Listing Historic Buildings in Karachi and its Relationship to a Larger Conservation Plan

Criteria for the final listing of historic buildings have to be prepared as a part of a larger conservation plan and have to be derived from the research work that is required for the preparation of such a plan. The manner in which the conservation law is applied and the incentives and support mechanisms that go with it, also have to be part of the conservation plan. For the development of such a plan there are a number of activities that are necessary.

Conserving Karachi’s Historic Architecture

Karachi was established in 1729 as a fortified port settlement. Although the city is only 250 years old, there are places of pilgrimage within it that go back to more than 2000 years. Most of...

A View of Architectural Education

Like many architects of my generation I started to question the conventional role of an architect working in a Third World city. I saw clearly that my work did not deal with any of the issues related to the crisis of the built environment in Karachi or in the other areas of Pakistan where I was working.

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