Government, International Agencies and OPP Collaboration for the Replication of OPP‘S Low Cost Sanitation Programme

Abbreviations and Local Terms

Statistics related to the OPP programmes have been taken from a monograph “Orangi Pilot Project Programmes”, by Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan, April 1991 and from the QPP quarterly reports.

ADB Asian Development Bank
CKAIP Collaborative Katchi Abadi Improvement Programme
HMC Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
KAIRP Katchi Ahadi Improvement & Regularisation Programme
KMC Karachi Municipal Corporation
KUDP Karachi Urban Development Programme
KWSB Karachi Water & Sewerage Board
LDA Lahore Development Authority
NESPAK National Engineering Services Pakistan
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
OPP-RTI Orangi Pilot Project – Research and Training Institute
PHED Public Health Engineering Department
SMC Sukkur Municipal Corporation
SDC Swiss Development Cooperation
SKAA Sindh Katchi Abadi Authority
UBS Urban Basic Services

Local Terms:

katchi abadi squatter settlement
nullah natural drain

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