Report for the RDPI Kashmir – Observations and Recommendations

The observations and recommendations in this document are the result of:

  1. a visit to the rural areas around Gari Duppata and Bagh in Kashmir from December 25 to 27, 2006 and meetings with communities and CBOs/NGOs in the area;
  2. meetings in Islamabad with RDPI staff and Practical Action on 07 March;
  3. visits to Muzaffarabad 07-08 March, 2007 during which meetings were held with DRAK-ERRA, the UNDP and the NGO Istafada. Visits were also made to the village of Korri where meetings were held with the community;
  4. an RDPI arranged workshop on relevant Pakistan issues related to their work on 09 March 2007; and
  5. a planning workshop on March 10, 2007.

Download the full report here. [PDF 184KB]

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