Comprehensive Assessment of Drought and Famine in Sind Arid Zones

This report is the result of a joint assessment undertaken by the Government of Sind, and UNICEF (Pakistan) and Save the Childrens Fund (SCF) UK. The assessment team consisted of Philippe Heffinck, Resident Officer, UNICEF (Sind); Andrew Rusk, Field Officer (SCF); Martin and Maureen Crill (SCF); Mansur Memon (SRPO); Momin Bhatti (SAZDA); Mohammad Noman, representative of Arif Hasan; and Arif Hasan, UNICEF consultant. The paragraphs on health and nutrition, which form part of chapters – 2 and 7 of this report, were compiled by Martin and Maureen Crill, on the basis of two surveys they carried out. Thanks are also due to Dr. Rashid of SAZDA and Mrs. Nazir of the Sind Dai Training Programme, for their help in the nutrition survey.

Download the full report: Comprehensive Assessment of Drought and Famine in Sind Arid Zones [PDF, 6.8 MB]

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