Evaluation of the Treatment of Karachi Sewage by Recycling and Creating a Livestock Farm in Desert Land

The Development Objectives of the Project according to the Project Document were :

  1. improve public health in Karachi by removing sewage from large population centres to a lightly populated and well-managed sewage farm;
  2. maximize utilIzation of water and nutrients contained in the Karachi sewage and convert them into valuable animal food by the creation of a livestock farm and other safe agricultural products;
  3. development of 10,000 – 20,000 hectares of desert land into fertile land for livestock farming to facilitate the supply of milk and other livestock products for Karachi city in particular, Pakistan in general and possible export to neighbouring countries;
  4. recovery of substantial areas of land for industrial real estate development, and the funds generated by sale and/or savings for reclamation of desert land.

Download the full report here: Evaluation of the Treatment of Karachi Sewage [PDF 4.2 MB]

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