Karachi Master Plan 2020

With its 15 million population and an urban sprawl of 1300 sq km, the city of Karachi is the 7 th largest city in the world. Karachi is recognized and valued for its enormous diversity that it represents. With its cultural cross section, it truly represents Pakistan in terms of its ethnic as well as cultural cross section in a unique urbane scenario. The range of dynamics and dimensions that governs this true Megapolise is more complex, than any one city can present. However, this diversity is the strength of the city. Ironically the true potential of Karachi has never been realized, for various reasons mentioned in this Master Plan. The plan suggests the strategies to enhance the quality of life for Karachities, as well as bring equity in living standards, provision of services consistent throughout the city. The strategies, if implemented, will bring synchronization to the urban fabric of city of Karachi.

[Download the complete PDF report]

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