Report on an ACHR visit to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

This report is the result of a visit to Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Chiangmai between July 19 and August 04, 2001. It was a group visit. The group consisted of Andre Alexandar and his colleague Long (both of the Tibet Heritage Fund) and myself. For the Phnom Penh and Chaingmai visit we were accompanied by Maurice Leonhardt and for the Vietnam visit by Tom Kerr.

The objective of the visit was to try and understand housing and urban related programmes and projects in the cities visited and relate them to larger development issues. We held meetings with NGOs, government officials, community leaders, academic institutions and representatives of international agencies (for names and organisations see Appendix – 1: Organisations/Persons Met). The contents of this report are based on the information supplied by these actors in the urban drama and on my observations of conditions in the cities visited and development plans for their future.

Download the full report: Report on an ACHR visit to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam [PDF, 108 KB]

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